Monday, September 16, 2013

RnR Pnuemonia & the Social Networking blues

It's true. I have to admit it. Time to come clean. I have a dirty little secret that I must confess. I am a social networking junkie. I am a junkie in the aspect that I belong to SO many social networks & I am usually interacting on a large portion of them. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Plurk, FriendFeed, YouTube, Ryze, linkedin the list goes on & on.

I think social networking is incredible. Getting to met & interact with people from all over the planet all from the comfort of my living room. Wow! I have met & became friends with a lot of great people this way too. People that I never would have met in my daily life. Amazing people doing amazing things. People who inspire me, people who share their thoughts, ideas, beliefs with me. It truly is an incredible world we live in.

Yet, I do have one big complaint about social networking. NO matter how much of my life, thoughts, etc. I am willing to share I find that sometimes the interaction with others or the lack of interaction from others leaves me wanting more. What I mean by this is I become frustrated when I tweet a question looking for the answer or some kind of feed back only to hear NOTHING. *Insert Cricket chirps here* Makes me wonder how in this so connected world of ours I can feel so all alone. I guess that's why I fell absolutely in love with the social network environment of is like twitter for music, yet so much more. While playing your favorite tunes, you can comment on other selections or have conversations amongst the music. I find this is a great place for me to go whenever I have something to say but can't really say what I need to say. I have found that music always seems to relay the feelings or thoughts that I want to express when words fail me.

I think one of my favorite things about is how much further I have expanded my musical horizons than they already were. I have discovered a whole new group of fabulous musicians that are out there. All of whom I may not have ever been exposed to otherwise. In fact because of it, I have purchased MP3s & CDs that I might not probably otherwise even considered. is also a great way for artists to get their new music out there to the masses. I love promoting my friends' latest releases this way. One example of this is Jody Whitesides @jodywhitesides Every time her releases a new song I have to blip it to my friends. I LOVE sharing Jody's work w/ the masses and this is a great way to reach ppl that I've never even met before.

In fact sharing music is how I learned about JENNINGS @jenningsmusic. One day she was the featured artist on the single of the day. Well, I fell in LOVE with her version of the song Umbrella. (Thanks Jody) I immediately had to share this with others. After some social networking through Myspace & Twitter I was able to connect with her. I received permission to blip Jennings music. It has truly become some of my favorite music to play.

Another example of this is another great guy & talented musician I met through social media. Garfield Mayor @garfieldmayor is from the UK. His music is beautiful & moving.. Definitely worth checking out.

With all the great indie talent out there social media is a great way to discover new music. Some other great indie musicians Imogen Heap @imogenheap, Joe Gande @joegande and Marcome @marcome. There are many more, but that just a start.. Go check them out & if you have an artist you want to share with me drop me a line.

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