Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Take a stroll w/ the latest in baby style...

If someone was to mention Mamas & Papas to you, you would probably think they were talking about the '60's folk group featuring Mama Cass, Michelle Phillips, John Phillips & Denny Doherty. Yet, mention Mamas & Papas to parents in Great Britain & they will instantly tell you they are one of the leading baby brands founded by one of the UK's first female entrepreneurs, Luisa Scacchetti.

Offering an unique and innovative range of strollers, bouncers, high chairs and other nursery essentials, Mamas & Papas has become a household name in Britain. Yet, unless you lived in Europe or were a celebrity the chances of owning one of these chic baby strollers was basically out of reach. Then this past August the company made the big jump across the pond. Bring with them a new line of lightweight strollers.

Now being a mom of 5, I have owned my share of strollers. Umbrella strollers, single child strollers, double strollers, forward, backward, convertible.. you name it I have probably owned it. So when I heard there was a new lightweight stroller than was 20 lbs & durable I was leery. Being that lightweight would this stroller stand up to the abuse that my children can definitely deal out? Was it REALLY that lightweight? Anyone who has had a double stroller (and some single strollers) knows how bulky & HEAVY they can really be. I had to find out more.
After doing some digging I learned I could test drive them @ Babies ‘R Us. I also found many other mom reviews saying how truly lightweight it is.. "light enough to lug around for the day, yet incredibly easy to open, close and maneuver."
Being pg w/ number 6 means I'm back on the market looking for a new stroller. Upon checking out the company website I learned their new stroller line also offers the following models:

  • Trip – This stroller offersvented side panels & is the must-have getaway product.

  • Trek – Featuring a simple seat recline system, little one shave the option to nap while on the move.

  • Tour – Increased seat padding & a deeper recline will ensure comfort during longer journeys

  • Cruise – Perfect for everyday use, this stroller features a five-position recline, adjustable foot rest, easy peek canopy window & additional storage pockets.

  • Voyage – Features an integrated sun visor & sun canopy, quilted seat & removable toddler pillow & chest pads for extra comfort, this stroller is the highlight of the new Mamas & Papas lightweight stroller range.
And from everything I have read (which was a lot, i'm such a research junkie) these strollers are a "pleasure to use". Besides the plush seat, full-coverage sun canopy, adjustable footrest and padded, adjustable handle bar, the baskets offer a surprising amount of storage space. Each model is also designed to be compact and maneuverable, easy to fold and carry on public transport or easy to squeeze into the smallest car trunk. Priced for every budget and lifestyle, these stylish, practical umbrella strollers are suitable from birth through the toddler years.
With all those pluses there is only one thing left to do.. check them out for yourself.. Visit the US Mamas & Papas website. After you check them out, if you like what you see why not LIKE them on Facebook here. To stay informed on the latest news about Mamas & Papas you can follow them on Twitter. To buy one of these lightweight strollers online, be sure to visit BabiesRUs.
This blog post was inspired by a MomBloggerClub contest for writing a review on the new light weight stroller line by Mamas & Papas in exchange for a chance to win one of five Mama & Papas strollers. Of course the research for the posts always inspire me so much more. Now I need to test drive these strollers for myself.
Now if only Mamas & Papas could bring some of those double pushcart/prams over the pond. I might have found the stroller of my dreams.

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