Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What if And baby makes 5 suddenly became the Brady Bunch?

I am writing the blog post months before it will actually be published. The reason behind this is simple & highly complicated. The simple part is my little sister is expecting her first child in October. The complicated part is because I already have 5 kidlets any mention of my current condition would totally ruin her experience. Something I don't want to do. I want her first time pg, being a mommy & all to be wonderful experience. I want it to be nothing like the experiences I have or will be experiencing once everyone finds out that yes ANOTHER bundle of joy will soon be headed for our household.

My story all starts approx '92 when I was in college. You know boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl decided to give boy a shot, one thing leads to another & POOF suddenly girl's pg. She honestly knows, but goes into denial & doesn't say a word to boy. Goes home on summer break, feels tired, etc. Mom takes girl to Dr. Dr says,"either your pg or you have a large tumor growing in your stomach." All girl can do is think "tumor, please tumor." Needless to say no tumor. Girls see her world drastically change. Father disowns her. Wants her to get abortion. Threatens her w/ college or baby not both. Girl sticks her ground. Has baby & returns to college. Meanwhile girl's friend tells boy about girl being pg w/ his baby. ( Yet, that's a whole nother story) Anyway, girl's so ashamed of being pg & not married she doesn't want ppl to know. So no baby shower, no rejoicing, no congratulations. It isn't until after baby is born that family has a welcome to the world party for the baby.

Jump ahead to '97 girl has met a new boy who loves her very much & asks her to marry him. She says yes. Not much after all the celebrating bouta bang bouta boom.. baby #2 is on his way. This is a little happier occasion.. will be boys 1st child. Girl is still not nuts about being pg again, but is happier than previous time.. 2 other women in her office are pg & due about the same time as girl so they have a big office baby shower. While party is nice, girl already knows much of this while other ladies are 1st time mommies. Baby arrives & all is happy.

Jump ahead to 2002 when girl suddenly becomes deathly ill. She can't move or even sit up w/out wanting to lose her lunch. She is so weak she can barely move. She has never been this sick. Boy takes her to the dr & they say you are 10 days pg how could you have know this soon? Girl says I knew the moment it happened I was pg. Dr gives her some medicine & things start to become bearable. 9 months later our first little girl arrives. Instead of a baby shower there is a party welcoming her to the world.

7 months later whoops little sister is on the way. Upon her delivery girl hears what a nice number 4 is & if her & boy plan on stopping here. It's never congrats, always when are you stopping.

Jump ahead 2 years to 2006 when another surprise occurred in girl & boys life.. and baby makes 5 announces he will be joining us. Girl is scared to death of the response & feedback she will hear once ppl find out. Girl makes other children swear not to tell anyone. This is one secret we will keep as long as we can. Well sooner or later it happens & ppl find out. Girl is met w/ 5 is a nice number you should really stop here.

The thing most ppl don't understand is none of our lovely children were planned by us. That doesn't mean that some higher power doesn't have a plan for them. It's not like we are doing this on purpose. We don't say," Hey it's been 3 years let try & get pg again." I know you are probably asking, but are you trying to prevent it from occurring. The answer to this is yes & no.. yes there are precautions being taken, and no matter what we do, if the higher power wants me pg I will be pg.

Which brings me to the present.. it looks like it is one of those times for the higher power cause I am pg w/ a baby who is determined to kick my butt.. I have been really tired & really sick this time round. This has been fun to try & hide. I'm trying to keep this from everyone until about Christmas if I lucky. Although I don't know if baby will go along w/ the plan.

At any rate it means baby makes 5 will be growing to the Brady bunch. That means one more pair of shoes, one more bed, one more car seat in the minivan which is something we can deal with however, I have read women my age are more likely to have twins. My maternal grandmother was a twin & my paternal grandmother miscarried w/ twins. Plus many cousins are or have twins.. so the potential is there for this to occur. When I mention this to hubby, he just says you are only having 1 baby, not two. But I can't be that sure, I've been dreaming of twins & my symptoms seems much more dramatic this go round. So I guess we'll find out when I go for my first dr appt on Friday. Until then I guess we can try to imagine our life w/ 2 new little ones.. Oh my!

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