Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Music is..

What music is?

Music is my life, my passion. It's what drives me. It's how I speak when words escape me. It's always in my head; playing loud & clear, like the score from a never-ending movie. Filling in the blanks. Resonating from deep within.

Music is there to comfort me when my heart is bleeding. It's my life jacket when I'm drowning in a sea of despair. It's my gospel when I have gone astray. It's my cry when the world is crashing in & my strength when I fight back. It's the joy in the celebration & the emotions that can not be described. It's the feeling of love, romance, desire, lust and need all rolled into one. It's a look inside, deep into ones being.

Music is magical. It can transport you back in time, to a place or event. It can remind you of a person you haven't thought of in years or one you wish you could forget. It marks special occasions, and records tragedies. It mourns death and rejoices birth. It send messages of life, love, hatred, anger, repression & spirituality.

Music is everywhere, speaking, telling a story. Reflecting the times. Spreading elation & remorse. Sharing your darkest secrets with the world. Confiding in the rhythms. The beat carrying you away, away from it all. To your own secret paradise that only few would only truly ever get a peek of.

Music is its own language. Pounding out its universal message. One which can be shared with all, despite translation barriers. It's the one thing that can bring us all together.

Music consumes me, it swallows me whole & wraps me in it's melodic tones. It engulfs me in its gossamer web of notes. Pulsing through my veins & dancing thru my soul. It echos in my head and rings in my ears. It drives who I am and what I want to be. It guides me thru the darkness and leads me to light. It heals me when I'm broken. Broken beyond repair.. when there is no one to comfort me, to wipe my tears, to lend a helping hand or shoulder to lean on. When all else fails music IS there. There to rescue me & set me on the right path again.

So when I think of what music is; ultimately music IS everything... Everything to me..

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