Sunday, August 23, 2009

My teen/tween's room needs some help desperately..

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or read my blog often know that we have been working on redoing our daughters' bedroom since the beginning of March. While the project is not 100% complete, the changes which have occurred to the room are incredible. Our oldest boys (ages 16 & 11) have been told upon completion of the girls' room they were next.

Thing is, their room is in DIRE need of a makeover & is desperately screaming for some kind of organization NOW.

So... When I saw that Dr. Daisy was running a contest promoting Wal-Mart's teen line - Your Zone I had to jump @ the chance to improve their bedroom.

The first part of the contest was to include a picture or video of the room in question.

While their room doesn't always look as it does in the video, I would say 85% of the time it is this vast wasteland.

My 16 yo is a musician, he has many guitars, amps & other pieces of equipment stashed into one corner if the room.

My 11 yo is an artist/inventor. He's always robbing the recycle bin to create a new masterpiece. All his pieces of medium get stuffed under the bed or in any available slot.

Take all this plus dressers, desk, bunk-bed, clothes, misc toys, books, etc and a small room becomes almost unlivable. :(

They REALLY need to find some order amongst this chaos. Not to mention peace amongst the ranks. Arguments over whose space is whose often break out.

Hopefully this will all soon change. :)

To learn more about this contest check out Dr. Daisy Sutherland's blog, the Dr. Mommy Chronicles .

Until next time...