Sunday, September 06, 2009

2 easy & delicious Labor day treats

Here are 2 quick & easy desserts for your Labor day cook outs..

Bishop's Pie

2c ice cream, vanilla or chocolate
1c milk
1 baked grahma cracker crust
1 pkg instant mik chocolate pudding mix
Whipped Cream

Mix ice cream and milk for 1 minute.
Add Chocolate pudding mix.
Mix for 3 minutes.
Pour into crust and chill in freezer.
Top with whipped cream.

Banana Split Dessert

1graham cracker crust
Chocolate ice cream
Pineapple - well drained
Vanilla Ice cream
Strawberry ice cream
Whipped Cream

Soften vanilla ice cream and spread out on crust.
Put sliced bananas on vanilla ice cream
Layer softened chocolate ice cream
Spread on canned pineapple
Layer on Strawberry ice cream.
Cover with whipped cream and sprinkle on nuts.
Cut into bars, serve.


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