Sunday, November 09, 2008

His own Pandora Station

Internet radio is growing business and a great way to get an artist or band exposure. One of my favorite internet radio channels is Pandora. You simply type in the name of the artist you are looking for and you can set up a whole channel that will play music from that artist along with other simliar artists & groups.

I really love this. I can switch on the Journey channel & listen to 70's/80's rock. Switch to the Weird Al channel & suddenly you have fun paraodies. Another click & your are on the Matchbox 20 channel. So as I was adding channels featuring some of my favor aritsits I realized that my friend musician Jody Whitesisdes didn't have a station I could go and listen to his music on.

After some inquiries, I learned he had submited music to Pandora yet he still had had a response.:( So I submited repeated requests for his music to be offered, yet I have had NO luck. So I am appealing to the masses.. PLEASE help me get Jody Whitesides on Pandora. Send an email to: & tell them you want Jody on Pandora. Then blog about this & spread the word to your friends & family. I figure if enough ppl do this enough times maybe we can finally hear his sweet lyrics and sultry voice streaming from the internet channel.