Friday, May 30, 2008

Wii Love it.. getting fit that is

I have longed to have some kind of exercise routine in my life, but with 5 kids and a work at home business it never seems like there is time. Hoping to find one that I loved and could actually stick to I have tried MANY different programs Yet, all I found were courses that were too difficult, bored me to tears or made me feel stupid doing them. So when I saw that Wii was coming out with a fitness game I couldn't wait.

I purchased my Wii Fit on the Wednesday it was released. It comes as a kit - a Wii Balance board and the Wii Fit disc. The balance board looks like a step board used for aerobics, but it is your main controller for the various exercises & games you play.

To start off the Wii Fit checks your BMI and helps you set your fitness goals. Offered then are 4 areas of training - Yoga, Strengthen Training, Aerobic & Balance games.

In the Yoga & Strength Training categories you are given a personal trainer to help teach you the various exercises and make sure you are doing them right. Also offered are Yoga & Strength Training combination suggestions, these help you utilize the combo to the max.

Aerobics has to be one of my favorite areas. You can do rhythm boxing, hula hooping or one of my 2 favorite options. Step aerobics & Basic run - both of these offer 3 different games. Step aerobics has a beginner, an advance course & free step, a option which allows you to exercise while waiting your favorite TV program. During free step the game offers a counter which tells you how much time you have left, how many steps you have taken & is all broadcasted through the Wii remote instead of you TV.

Put the Wii remote in your pocket & take a run through the park in your own living room. Basic Run offers 3 different games also: a one person game with a beginner, advanced and an the island run (approx.11 mins.) There is a 2 people run, for those who don't like to run alone. The only bad thing about this is only1 persons results are recorded. The final option is free run. The option is like free step, letting you running in your living room, while waiting TV. I haven't used that option yet, but I"m not sure I would like that. I have enjoyed the beautiful island scenery & it's fun to see other Miis from your family out in the park too.

Balance is the whole key to Wii Fit & finding your center is what Balance games is all about. Slalom Ski, Ski Jump, Snowboarding, Soccer Heading, Table Tilt, plus 4 more games are offered. They are challenging & fun, and have several levels for you to advance to.

My whole family has embraced the Wii Fit. So I can't not complain when my husband comes home at night & instead of sitting in front of the TV he actually is working out. Instead of the kids spending hours watching mindless TV they are improving the fitness levels, and each session has a timer so I know how long of a turn each child has had. I will have to say I love it too. The exercises are fun, but challenging and doesn't seem like you are working out. I definitely think I have invested my holiday money well. If you are looking to tone your body, lose a few pounds, or something fun to do with your family, this is it.

I do have one complaint though. Everyone loves it so much, I'm just wondering when will I get a turn? It is my Wii Fit : )

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