Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shopping cart seat cover is a wonderful addition

Going shopping w/ 5 kids is always an adventure, and though the whole thing can be stressful, it doesn't even compare to shopping w/ the youngest three by myself.

My son is 15 months. He is too big to sit in an infant carrier & too heavy for me to carry through the store. So he must ride in the seat of the shopping cart. After one trip to the store where I was force to hold him into the cart, I thought there is NO WAY I'm doing this every time I come to the store.

I thought about buying own of those shopping cart seat
covers, but all the ones I've seen have nothing more than the same type of seatbelt system as the shopping carts offer. This does NOT keep my children in the seat of the cart. The only answer was to find a five point harness system shopping cart seat cover.

Yet, not one seemed to offer this. After some searching, I did find what I was looking for at Target. The
Eddie Bauer® Shopping Cart Seat Cover is the ONLY shopping seat cover (that I could find) that has the 5-point harness system.

So I purchased one (I actually paid 18.99 - less than the website) and though I had been told that it hadn't received very good reviews at this point I am happy with it. I have used it twice. Once @ Target before I actually purchased it, since i figured i would be buy it anyway & wanted to make sure this is what I wanted. Then again @ Target when I returned to purchase the car seat I have been hunting for for over a month (woo hoo). Both times I was pleased with the cart cover. My son tried to climb out, reach for things, etc and he was not able to escape, let alone even stand.

The seat cover offers a padded seat, a zipper area for keys, etc & loops to hang toys on for baby. It also have a built in cover to store it in.

I would have to say at this point I'm very happy with this cart cover. Though I have 5 kids, this is the first one I've own. I never liked the other style because it never would have held my children, all being houdinis, into the cart. If they can escape the cart's actual belt and they can get out of strollers etc there was no reason for me to invest $20+ dollars into one.

Although I need to take it out for a few more spins, at this point, I am very please with this product.

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