Thursday, January 24, 2008

The laundry never ends...

As I opened the dryer door I thought to myself I would love to climb in there. Little did I know in a few moments my kids would walk into to find half of me sticking out of that very dryer.

Standing there folding clothes I noticed a large black lump stuck behind one of the tumblers. Reaching my fingers into the back of the dryer I discovered a chocolaty sticky substance. I try to pry it out only to get more chocolaty goo on my fingers. So with butter knife in hand I climbed on a chair and began prying the mass out of the dryer. Someone had left a toostie roll in their pocket and I had missed in during inspection.

Fortunately it didn't take much more and the the candy sprung free, and it appears their is no candy on any clothing.

Not too exciting of a story, but I'm sure I looked silly climbing in the dryer.

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