Monday, January 21, 2008

In Kristine's shower

There's nothing funner than receiving a package in the mail. The anticipation of opening the box and revealing the contents is one of my favorite things. What could be inside? So when I received an email notice of a package in my mailbox, I was happy to slip on my giant snow boots, trek out into the very cold and dark night to retrieve the parcel waiting for me.

I returned to the house, bubbling like a school girl. What was in that little box? It was labeled from "
IN KRISTINE'S SHOWER". I slit the tape and a whiff of delicious scent hit my nose, the anticipation heightened. On top of packing peanuts was a thank note from the owner, Jenny Hoehn and beneath that was foam smiley faces, shapes and a potpourri of goodies galore.

The first thing I removed from the package was a little bar of homemade soap. The label said,"Citrus Safari" the bar was a tan color with an orange marble streak in it. It smelled like tangerines and a burst of citrus. MMMMM..

Next I found 3 matchbook notepads. Perfect to put in my purse and let little hands doodle on.

Digging a little further I found a little jar of Aloe Vera Body Whip, scent Lavender dreams. Even after sitting at room temperature the whip is cold feeling going on, but it makes your skin SO soft.

The next jar I found was Shea Butter Body Frosting, scent Malibu Baby. Let me tell you this it's bright teal blue. The scent is like blueberries or bubblegum. It's yummy. The frosting has pure cane sugar in it. Great for removing rough areas & dead patches left from that long winter.

What better to follow frosting than Sorbet? Kristine's Shower Shea Butter Body Sorbet is next, scent Pearberry. The scent is good, not over powering,
and this smells even better on.
Labeled a head to toe moisturizer it feels smooth & creamy. I can't wait to try this on my hair.

The next thing I removed from the box was not something for my body, but something for my soul. An 100% Soy wax Meltie scented girly girl. The directions say to pop it into a tart burner & enjoy. The scent was that of flowers which lingered through out the house.

The last thing in my goodie box was a Shea Butter Bath Bomb scent Vanilla Sugar. Wrapped in a cellophane wrapper it smelled mmm mmm good. I couldn't wait to light my tart warmer and toss that bath bomb into the tub.

Neither could my little girls as they careful planned out which items they would be taking into the tub with them.

After trying everything I would have to say wow. I'm impressed. I like how my skin feels after I use the products and the house smells great. What a great stress reliever. A ncie little treat just for me.. that's if I can get it away from my girls. : )

Jenny is great to work with and prompt with her replies. She was a pleasure to deal with. Oh an she's a WAHM.. Got to support fellow WAHMS : )

I recommend checking out In Kristine's Shower & if you use this special code you can receive 25% off with your order - post25.

I think I'm going to go hide again in my tub, maybe if I'm lucky they won't find me there. : )

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