Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A catchy tune that's sure to get stuck in your head

And while we are on the subject of Christmas, I just wanted to make mention of a great holiday song that was brought to my attention through the power of podcasting.

Since 2005 Grant Baciocco has offered "Grant's advent calendar video podcast". This is a great little video podcast featuring Grant opening his advent calendar. Everyday is a new adventure, (and after seeing his advent total I wonder if Grant's mom would adopt me. :))

This year's podcast features a song by Grant's friend and fellow musician Jody Whitesides. (Jody also provides music for "The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd".) "Christmas brought me you," is one of those songs you start out humming the tune, then you sing some of the chorus and before you know it you're hooked.

Well it's happened I'm hooked, this is a great tune and is now stuck in my head. I keep singing it over and over..

Anyway, check out this video, it's from Grant's advent calendar - Day 10. It's features Jody singing, "Christmas brought me you."

Then if you really like it cruise over to his website and listen to more of his music..


Music That Makes Your Soul Happy

Happy Holidays & hope you enjoy!

Shhh.. listen to the reindeer paws

The stockings are hung, the kids are in bed and the world is quiet for approximately 6 hours if we are lucky. There maybe an occasional stirring from the baby, but hopefully that's nothing that some nursing can't fix.

We hosted Christmas eve dinner this night past. My mother & step-dad, Sister & brother -in-law, my uncle and the rest of crew. We enjoyed dinner and opened a few gifts.

Now, after putting everyone to bed and helping clean up the mess, I think I will sleep. Morning will come much too soon. I will write more later..

Good night all.

Friday, December 21, 2007

What's with all the peas?

Isn't it strange how one tiny thing can cause a whirlwind of attention? One person sharing a bit of their live can effect a whole community, and at the same time cause this community to band together to support this one single person.

So is the story of Susan Reynolds. Susan is an artist and new media consultant battling a dominant magpie gene and cancer, in other words Susan has breast cancer. Being an avid blogger/tweeter Susan decided to share her journey in her battle with breast cancer. Her blog Boobs on Ice chronicles her experiences. However this blog has become so much more than just a record, it has ignited and joined a whole internet community.

The first entry in Susan's describes her discovering the lump and all the tests she experiences in the process of being diagnosed.

She writes," When I discovered a very thick area in my breast I called the doctor. The next day I was in her office. A half hour after that I was in the diagnostic radiologist’s.
A full afternoon and multiple stab wounds later we had a variety of samples of malignant tentacles of tissue that were on their way to the lab.
I was in a little pain - it would increase as the local anesthetic wore off - but left his office with a soft cold pack in my bra.
To keep bleeding down & relieve pain I’d need to keep things cool. Traditional ice packs are hard and heavy. As much as I try to be a good sport I’m not into having a brick sitting on my chest.
Enter a bag of frozen peas.
I tucked it in my bra, took a picture, and was ready to tell the story later that night. That bag of peas added a touch of lightness to what could have been a sad and serious tale."
What Susan got was an Army of Peas. Peaple wanting to help, support and join in her battle. Show us Your Peas to Support Susan campaign appeared on Twitter, and in no time a green wave had covered Twitterville. Visit and you are sure to stumble across a peavatar. If not, visit the Flickr Frozen Pea Group you can view almost 300 different ones.

Yet this was not enough, the Army then tweeted:
"From @conniereece:
We’ve declared Fridays to be Frozen Pea Fridays on Twitter, and this Friday, on the day Susan has her surgery, we are launching a fundraising drive for breast cancer research. It’s called, of course, the Frozen Pea Fund. Susan has inspired us to put the FUN in fundraising."
So was born the Frozen Pea Fund declaring "We will not appease Cancer". The proceeds go to Making Strides, the breast cancer campaign of the American Cancer Society. In the first 15 hours after launch, the Frozen Pea Fund raised $3,493, and the march continues on.
I am peased to add that Susan is doing good as of last report. Both of her surgeries (mastectomy and reconstruction) went well and test results on lymph nodes came back negative which is an encouraging sign.

Meanwhile, Susan's story has covered the globe - from countless blogs, to magazines and the BBC news. The message continues to reach and touch new peaple. All of which is pretty amazing, considering this whole thing began with a blog, picture and a bag of peas.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

My blog has been Meme'd...

Today while updating my twitter page I noticed I had received a Direct message. I opened it and noticed it was from my friend and fellow blogger DJ Nelson of BusinessWifeandlife.com. It said,"You've been tagged for a meme". A what?? Did I win prize? Was I cursed? After doing some more research I learned I had been invited to play a giant game of blogger's tag.

With a meme (rhymes with dream) your blog is exposed to more bloggers through virtual networking. Upon being tagged you are asked to link to the person who tapped you, respond to a question, post the guidelines and then tap several other bloggers so they can do the same.
What are great way to learn about other bloggers while exposing your own blog. I'm still relatively new to blogging. I have more blog entries written in my head that actually in this blog. Hopefully the new ppl who come to visit will leave comments and suggestions on how be a more faithful blogger.
So with out further adieu here are the rules:
1) Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself.
3) Tag 7 random people and include links to their blogs.
4) Let each person know they have been tagged and comment on their blog.
1. I used to be a new reporter on a local AM NEWS/TALK station. Finding that my research skills were excellent they promoted me to producer. By the end of my almost 6 year stint I was producing both the morning and evening show. It was here I began to teach myself web design. I was then in charge of the station site along with a site for a hard rock station. Talk about learning some lessons. I loved working at the station, but boy do you learn a lot during your first office employment situation.
2. I'm a pack rat. I'm horrible. It's not that I can't throw things away. I just always think as soon as I toss or get rid of something I will then need it again. I also am horrible about wanting to cling to those things of yester year. Things that remind me of my childhood, or the past in general. Then there are those things I just don't know what to do with. Things that I don't really need, don't want to throw away, so I'm left with boxes. My family wants to sign me up for clean sweep - if they did I would be bawling. The host would SO make me cry. I would have to hide everything before he showed up. LOL! I am proud to say however, I am working on this problem and I am getting much better than I was. Not perfect or cured, but better, which is a big step for me.

3. I'm a podcast junkie. I’ve already confessed this in a previous post, but I love listening to podcasts. In fact I"m a research junkie too. So listening to podcast while researching is a great combo for me. I"m working on having my own podcast, but we need to get equipment and all worked out.
4. I want to road trip all over USA. I want to go to greasy spoons, hot dog stands and ma & pop ice cream stands. I would love to visit all the places on a Hot Dog Show and an Ice Cream Program. MMM! MMM! MMM!
5. I used to be a Petra Rep I wasn't good at it though. I'm not an indie rep person, even though I'm consultant for greeting cakes and a couple jewelry companies, I just can't do home parties. I did learn during this time that no one, despite what statistics say and that Victoria's secret has made her quite rich, no one wears sleepwear. Everyone sleeps in sweats, flannel or t-shirts. Guess that's why Petra is no longer in business.
6. My degree includes a concentration in photography. When I was in high school I wanted to be a cinematographer. Well I didn't go that far, but I did have a picture took while on the band trip in high school receive special honors and recognition. The photo travel both around the USA and the USSR on a Kodak photo tour.
7. I married my husband twice, and we were never divorced. This is a really long story. Short of it is some how out marriage license didn't end up at the court house to be filed, there for it expired. Since no one knew where the reverend was who married us we had to get remarried in another ceremony with a new license.
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