Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Grammie's are great fun..

Today my mom visited Khyenne's preschool and read the class "Winnie the Witch" by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul. She wore her official Winnie outfit complete with Wilbur the cat and brought witches hat cookies.

Everyone loved her and I think she had a blast. She sent me an email about it. She wrote," I had a great time reading Winnie the Witch to the class... ".

Then she came over and visited Josephene and Eaven. They both were surprised and appreciated the delicious treat.

Josephene insisted on trying on Grammie's Winnie hat. Then she had to pose with Wilber for some pictures.

Eaven just enjoyed the cookie and became a chocolaty mess.

At any rate everyone had a wonderful time..

Have a spicy day!

P.S. Check out John Barrowman on Cbeebies BBC bedtime hour reading the story. It's not as good as my mom, but she doesn't have her own TV show..

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