Wednesday, September 05, 2007

That's how it grows

Last night Miss Josephene followed in the footsteps of her siblings. She decided for some strange reason that her beautiful long blond hair wasn't the looking she was going for any more.

With scissors in hand, SNIP! SNIP! SNIP! Long hair no more, hello pixie bob.

When I discovered this I began crying. "NO!!!!! WHY???? What possessed my baby girl to chop off her hair?? Why would she do such do a thing??" :(

Every one of the children before her has cut their hair, in fact Miss Khyenne did it a couple times. So I guess it should be no surprise that Miss Josephene joined their ranks. That said, however, it still breaks my heart.
Now that I have calmed down, she keeps telling me, "Don't worry mom, I will get some more hair. It will grow back." "Please don't be sad."

As I put her in her car seat this morning I realized she is right. It was JUST that - hair. I pictured her bald. She could have something much worse wrong with her. She could have some incurable disease. She could be laying in her death bed. She JUST cut her hair. So her hair was short. She is still here with me and healthy as could be. So I told her,"You are right, it IS just hair. I"m not happy with what you did, however ultimately it doesn't matter whether you have long, short or no hair. I love you and I'm just glad to have you, still alive with me. You are much more important than the length of your hair."
It's interesting how this turned into a learning experience not just for MIss Josephene.. all thanks to a pair of scissors.

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