Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday little Joey, part duex

What can be funner that getting to celebrate your birthday twice? It's like that never ending holiday party you celebrate at lots of relatives house through out the month of December.

Since we were out of town on her birthday tonight we celebrated MIss Josephene's birthday, again.

We had a small party at my mom's house tonight. We had a pool party with a cookout.

Joey invited the neighbor kids to her party. Everyone had hot dogs and hamburgers, chips and fruit. Then when they were finished feasting into the pool they went...
All the kids had a great time swimming in Grammie's pool. Grammie has one of those inflatable pools in her backyard. It isn't huge but it's a great size for kids and they love coming to Grammie's to swim.

Miss Khyenne looked especially sweet in her collection of inner tubes. Joey tried on a variety of goggles, flippers, noodles & all other fun things Grammie has for the pool.While little kids climbed in and out of the big inflatable pool and the plastic baby pool, Lowgaen and Spensir splashed it up.

After they were soaked to their gills, everyone proceed up on the deck for a little song and cupcakes. Then Miss Josephene opened her presents. She got games, books, clothes and one highlights of the night....
A Dora the Explorer backpack.. and then she received a handmade crocheted purse from Grammie - SHE LOVED IT!

Everyone had a wonderful time, especially Joey who kept telling everyone she had already celebrated her Birthday and she must had either turned 2 and was now 3 again or that now she was like Khyenne and was 4. if it was only that easy :)

Have a spicy day.

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