Thursday, August 23, 2007

Growing like a weed...

Tonight Eaven clapped his hands for the first time. I was surprised to see him do this. I have been teaching him how to give "five", but I never saw him clap his hands.

Today he also climbed up the step to the landing that leads to the stairs to upstairs. So hello baby gate between the front room and the hall. He has been pulling him self on things and crawling all over.

When he crawls he doesn't like his knees touching the ground so he crawls on his feet.. He does this bear walk, drag a leg thing. Must work though cause he's fast.

He's not the only one who is growing up. Tonight Lowgaen went to play with the pep band and on Saturday he will be marching with the high school band at the state fair. Wow! what a lot of memories that brings back. Only thing is the lucky dog gets to march in polos and shorts. When we did it my freshman year we wore the wool uniforms the band had. What a scortcher that was. Listen to me.. when I was a kid.. oh well I guess you will always compare your experience to that of your childs.

Spensir has begun bring home homework every night. He has a spelling tomorrow. Tonight he tried to tell me that he knew all the words even though he had left out some letters or had put them in the wrong order they were still right. LOL! He's logic is so amusing. :)

Khyenne got a letter that preschool will be starting soon. I can't believe she is old enought to go to preschool, let alone she can go to kindergarten next year, and Joey the year after that.

Josephine has begun calling herself by her name. If you call her sweetie or trouble she will tell you that is not her name, that her name is Josiephenea. Don't call her Josie though.. only Grammie Sharon can do that.

Tomorrow is Friday, yeah, but not so much.. the weekend always means lots of work. Screen printing and t-shirts this weekend.

Well, better get back to it.. lots to do before bed.

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