Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transformers.. more than meets the eye

Well it's finally here one of the summers biggest blockbusters TRANSFORMERS. Yes you remember from Saturday morning cartoons.. Well, they are back on both the big screen and on Cartoon Network. In fact, they are everywhere.. I am reminded of this fact every time I take my 9 year old shopping. So you can imagine his joy when my husband announced to him that they were going to the midnight showing of this movie. That boy has been walking on air with anticipation for 4 days now. I think if he had to wait any longer he would explode. So at 10:45pm my BIL is stopping by to pick up the rugrat and take him to meet the other guys (my hubby and a friend from his work) and they are going to Buffalo Wild Wings to grab some chow and then off to the big 24 screen movie theater. So the question remains, will he make it through the movie without falling asleep?? I'm sure what ever the answer, the movie is the only thing I will be hearing about for a long while. Now don't get me wrong.. I"m sure it will have lots of action and I really do like sci/fi movies. However I can honestly say that I really don't care about cars transforming into robots to save the world. How about the getting me to my son's school on time when I"m running late because the same 9 year old can't find his shoes?? Now that would be cool. Or how about a car that takes itself to the car wash and comes back clean? What a time saver. Them saving the world though??? I don't think so. Isn't that Spiderman, Superman and Batman's jobs? If there is too much to handle I"m sure Daredevil and Ghostrider along with the Fantastic Four could help out. Heck even the Incredibles would pitch in.. but my car?? I need it to drive me by itself avoiding road construction and traffic jams, that would save my world. Yet, if we are on the subject of robots who could do useful things how about a few of these ideas.. So they already have robots that will vacuum your carpets, wash your floors, clean the pool, cleans the workshop and even mow the grass. Heck they even have one you can program yourself and two of these look similar to Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. How about a robot that will teach my almost 3 year old how to use the potty? Or how about one that will referee my kids when I just can't take one more fight over something stupid? How about one that will make dinner for everyone? You know one that will prepare what each person wants and still make it healthy? Now I'm not saying I want to hand over all my parenting to a robot, I just want the robot to help me have more time to spend with the children by letting me accomplish the other things I need to do during the day. I should also say I'm not anti-robot. I think they are great. I mean check out this article about the robotic finger. How cool. Stanford even has a robot that passed it's driving test. 3:33 AM .. well they're home.. and the 9 year old made it through the whole thing... and the rating is a big thumbs up. I'm sure I will hear more tomorrow once he's got his rest. Now that my happy brood in home and tucked into bed.. I'm off to catch a few winks myself... maybe I will dream of robots in disguise.. Oh and by the way report from the theater is people came in costume.. they were wearing boxes.. I guess it could be worse they could remake the Garbage Pail kids movie.

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