Monday, July 09, 2007

Three times is a charm

Well tonight we celebrated Joey's birthday for the first time. I say that cause when we return to Nebraska we will celebrate with my parents, relatives and Joey's friends there.

I'm pretty sure Josephene had a nice birthday. We went to the water park - ok It was more like a sprinkler park, but it was fun for everyone & it was free..

Then in the evening we went to McD's and had dinner, that way the kids could play in the giant hamster maze playroom. There was a thunderstorm and it started to down pour and the whole right side of the building was soaked, the floors were covered in water.

This didn't stop the kids.. they had a blast.

Then it was back to Grammie's house for cupcakes and ice creams.

The present time! I think she faired rather well for a 3 year old. Dora, Blue's Clues, George the Monkey & a Spiderman Potatohead.

Just think she still has more presents to come....

Happy Birthday Joey!!!

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