Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cheesecake anyone?

30-something years ago my mother gave birth to a little girl. No, it wasn't me. I was already here. I had been for 4 years (see photo). I live in a big green house with my mom, dad and cat. Then one hot June day my mother went to the hospital. I went to stay with a family friend, Jerry. Then my Grandmother came and picked me up. I went and stayed with her and life was good. When my mother returned from the hospital she had a new baby. A baby who was allergic to everything, including my cat. So despite my begging the sister stayed and the cat was given to a family who had recently lost their pet. The rest is history.

Oh yes there are the stories.. the ones of boyfriends, neighbor kids, school, holidays, dances, fights, trouble and just growing up together. Today though I shall refrain from sharing those.. cause today we went and added one more candle to my sister's slice of cheesecake.

Today is her birthday.

In celebration she chose to have a girl's day out. My mother, 2 daughters, baby and self joined my sister at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and dessert.

We ordered salads & kid's meals that cost too much. It took way too long to be served, much longer than any little kid could possibly sit still. However we had desserts, conversation, and despite the food problems, it was a nice little soiree.

Then we went to material girl boutique, where my sister hosted a purse party. Kinda like a Pampered chef party, but for purses. We had gourmet cupcakes. I purchased a cute tote that is black with red handles. It says "HOT!"

It was quite the day, by the end the little girls were VERY tired & crabby. The most they could say before I loaded then in the van was Happy Birthday Aunt Terra.

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