Saturday, May 26, 2007

Louisville Daz..

Summer is officially here. Memorial day is just around the corner and that means Louisville Daz. The annual bash to celebrate the town we live in. Every year there is a parade, and for the last 3 years we have walked in the parade as a way to show community support and promote our business.
My gpa let us letter his vehicle, so every year we get him to drive in parade and we walk behind distributing candy.
This year we thought it would be cute to have a mascot so my mom (the sewing genuis) whipped us up some pepper costumes. One for each of the little kids. NO ONE wanted to wear them. My mom was SO proud of the costumes and the kids REFUSED to wear them. She was HEARTBROKEN. So after much prodding and convincing Miss Khy unhappily agree to wear the costume in the parade. Miss Joey wore her costume on top of her like a blanket in the stroller and Mr. Eaven wore his, but it wasn't real visible in his car seat & the stroller.

We threw candy and flyers (frisbees) we imprinted. It was a good turnout so hopefully ppl will keep the flyers and give us a call.

It was a good time. We're suppose to do again next week-end for Springfield Daz. :)

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