Saturday, May 05, 2007

Don't worry be happy

One of the highlight's in any ballerina's career is getting to perform on the stage what you learned in class that year. This was Khyenne's first year of ballet. All year she had danced in purple ballet slippers. (This was the only way to finally get her on the dance floor and off the purple bench.) So when recital time rolled around she had to get the required pink slippers. She wasn't too sure about this. I got her some shoes from Dance to you (Jenny, the owner, is GREAT! She was a life saver to me more than once). Once she saw these beautiful new shoes problem solved.

To raise money for costume and recital fees we sold barn candles (these candles are great). When the day to pick up costumes came, Khyenne was so proud. She couldn't wait to wear hers. In fact it was killing her she couldn't wear it. So when recital time finally rolled around she was ecstatic. In fact she was in heaven.. getting to dress up in a special costume, wearing make-up, having her hair done fancy.

The theme of the recital was "Music In Motion Pictures". Everyone danced to songs that had been in major motion pictures. The girls in Khyenne's class danced to "Don't worry, Be Happy". They were very cute and she did a great job. This was a very big step considering she started out afraid to even go on the dance floor at all.
After the recital we all (The seven of us plus my mom & step dad, my Sister and BIL) went to Chili's to celebrate. She was a true celebrity ordering in perfect little lady style.

After it was all over, I was one proud mama. My little ballerina did a great job, I can't wait to see her dancing with a ballet troop.

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