Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME

Another year under my belt, another candle on the cake.. the big 35 is here. Where did all that time go? Wasn't I just 16 or 21 or even 27? It's incredible how time passes us by. Day after Day, Week after week, Year after year time just keeps ticking away, and we are just left saying where did all that time go?
As part of my 35 Birthday I have decided to take my thoughts and actually write them down. To take time for me to reflect and comment on things that are happening around me. A place to rant, offer kudos or cry. To possibly cause a discussion.

I have blogged titles and stored, but I never them posted. Hoping that someday I would sit down and write these thoughts out. Well since someday was probably three months and 2 days ago, I figured there was no time like the present to start actually writing.

So where to start? Me? My life? My Husband? My kids? The business? My family? My friends? The world? Now I probably have everyone wondered that I'm going to trash them or something. No trashing, just my general observations on the world in reference to things that are occurring around me.

Like me, take me for an example, here I am another year older. Am I any wiser? Just because I get to put one more candle on the cake does that mean I have gain knowledge, experience and grown in general?

I don't really feel any different. I don't feel smarter or more experienced just because of one day. Yet, if I look back over the past year I know that much has occurred to make me have grown as a person.

In the last year I have seen our business child. My view on parenting has grown and changed with the addition grow along with my belly, as I gave birth to our 5th of a new member to our family. It has also grown as my children too, have added another year under their belts.

I'm now dealing with a 14 year old. A young teenager. A young man who wants to ask girls on dates, steals my JOURNEY and DEF LEPPARD cd's and has the pods to his nano constantly implanted into his ears.

A 9 year old who is a tween. You know that awkward age in between being a kid and a teenager. That age when nothing is good enough and everything no matter how truly exciting it really is, its really boring? That age that you can still get away playing with the little kids, but you truly want to be cool and hang with your older siblings and their friends? That's him.

A 4 year old who thinks she is a princess, ballerina, movie star, singer, lip gloss wearing fashion model, but still wants to dig for worms in the back yard. A girl who thinks you should wear a party frock everyday and everyone should have a pony named Butterscotch. That everyone should be able to swim like a mermaid and has misplaced most of her patience. Everything is hers and everyone should share with her. That kid who is the high maintenance one. This would be her.

A 2 (soon to be 3) year old who is sweet as can be, but is hell on wheels. Destroying everything in her path because she can do it herself. One so curious she mutilates things because she wanted to see how it worked. With a heart as big as Texas, my little girl is awnry.. Where is birthday number 3?? I don't know if it can come too soon.

A 3 month old who is the best baby in the world. Mr. Mellow. Happy as can be, only complains when hungry or wet. Thank God for this blessing. He is my stress-buster. He's the reason God makes baby cute, to make you stop and think and remember all the other ones used to be babies. They soon will all be grown and you will be sitting there with yet another dozen candles on your cake wondering where did time go?

Until next time, have a spicy day.

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